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Christmas and Kids...

As we Mature (I refuse to say "grow older"), we understand more about the true meaning of Christmas. Of Course, Jesus is totally the focal point and later tonight our family will attend the Christmas Eve service at our church. We will read the passage in Luke 2 before we open a gift and have a family prayer. For the gift part, I reflect back to a time when my girls were 5 and 3 yrs. old. My 5 year old wanted Santa to bring her "pencils and stickers." Of course, we got a few of those items for her stocking, but I am the DAD! I am wrapped up in what the media tells me I have to give in order for my child to think I am cool. Therefore, I get a motorized Barbie car that she can drive in the driveway and street. (pencils/stickers= $5, barbie car = $150)

After buying the car and the lie, guess what my daughter spent all of her time playing with Christmas day and beyond. It was a great lesson to us. A life well spent appreciates the simple things. God bless  your Christmas with true joy that cannot be bought!

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